Chicha Morada | Thirsty For …

Chicha Morada | Thirsty For ...

Whether it’s for its beautiful color, its health benefits, or because you just want to be refreshed, this sweet Summertime beverage is something you have to …
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24 Responses to Chicha Morada | Thirsty For …

  1. Rinsuki says:

    I thought it was grape juice lol. Such a beautiful color!

  2. Becckkoni says:

    Online or at farmer’s markets or Hispanic food stores.

  3. 999is666upsidedown says:

    Foods like corn and carrots used to be typically colored such as purple and other colors. They were eventually domesticated into the colors we think of today.

  4. unbad13 says:

    the song is the cutest!

  5. MagnificaLuna says:

    Never heard nor seen a purple corn before. This is the very first time I caught sight of it. Where can I get that?

  6. ale52dez says:

    Omygod i’m crying this is perf. I can taste it haha aw i miss peru

  7. PeaceLoveChelita93 says:

    thank you!!!!!!!

  8. pao williams says:

    do some horchata or atol de elote! so good …. love the work!!

  9. JellyJade0215 says:

    Purple corn? Woah!

  10. sk8rgrlteen says:

    ive had this drink before at a Peruvian restaurant. its really good

  11. TRAV1E5A01 says:

    I’ve noticed they list the song, artist, and album towards the end of each video. The songs you can’t find on the playlist that Tastemade says they have on Spotify you can look up on your own. At least I’m planning to do that.

  12. 2010Charon says:

    I’ve had this before at my local farmers’ market, so delicious and refreshing!



  14. Daniela Gutierrez says:

    Do you take requests? 

  15. CVGBTIME says:

    im from peru its good i know

  16. Gabriela Coz says:

    I love watching all these beberage videos!! Just want to mention something about it, I’m peruvian and this is not a peruvian song. Also, traditionally here we add chopped apple (very small pieces) on top :)

  17. Jessica Cejnar says:

    What do you do with the hydrated corn?

  18. Carolina Tamayo says:

    I love chicha when it’s done well. This looks great!

  19. Jenicuuh says:

    halo halo please?!

  20. rubi8x864 says:

    you eat it duh

  21. 16chana1 says:

    what happens to the cut up pineapple?

  22. FiorellaMichele says:

    I find it in the Peruvian isles of Spanish markets. But it is rare *sigh*

  23. Andrea S says:

    Que ricoooo chicha Peruana yummmmyyy

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